Using Monument Chemical's technology, we produce THN in grades suitable for any application. Desirable solvent characteristics are balanced between aromatic and aliphatic properties. THN is stable and has a low freezing point and high boiling point. Combined with low-sulfur, low-metals, and low-color characteristics our THN has the flexibility to fit your needs. It is available in both 96% and 99% purities.


THN has found use in dye carrier applications, in lubricants and greases, paints and coatings, high gloss lacquer finishes, in cutting oils – especially for aluminum, heat transfer fluids, catalyst modifiers, as a polyurethane modifier, in plastics fabrication, degreasing and cleaning, electronic chemicals, specialty solvents, coatings, coal flotation and in certain fuels. Additional possibilities are too numerous to mention.

Key facts & figures

  • CAS#: 119-64-2
  • Purity 96% Min
  • Water 0.05% Max
  • APHA Color 10 (typical)
  • Flash Point 150F Min