Our DHN is a stable, water-white, cyclo-aliphatic solvent with a low freezing point and high boiling point, low sulfur content and low metals content.   DHN is useful as a solvent for specialty applications, as well as for dissolving naphthalene, fats, resins, oils and waxes. It can substitute for turpentine in lacquers, shoe polishes and waxes. It has uses in various unique fuels applications.


Constant cis:trans ratio gives consistent performance. High purity, low sulfur, low metals give DHN flexibility to be used in many unique applications.

Key facts & figures

  • CAS#: 91-17-8
  • Purity 98.5 Min
  • Water 0.01 Max
  • APHA Color 10 Max
  • Acidity 0.001 Max