Advasol 200H


Highly aromatic, with flash point over 200°F, Advasol® 200H is a more refined low-color cousin of Advasol® 150. It meets the requirements of a low-HAPS solvent and is EPA approved for use as an inert in pesticides. It is available in two grades, naphthalene-depleted and naphthalene-containing. Both grade are approved under 40 CFR 180.910 Inert ingredients used pre- and post-harvest; exemptions from the requirement of a tolerance.


Advasol® 200H is useful in paints and coatings, degreasers, pesticides, agricultural chemicals, chemical intermediates, and a wide variety of heavy aromatic solvent applications and unique chemical reactions.  A nap-depleted alternative to many alkylbenzene-based solvents. Its effectiveness results in cost efficiencies with greater solvency strength.

Key facts & figures

  • CAS#: 64742-94-5
  • Flash Point 200F Min
  • Aromatic Content 95% Min
  • APHA Color 70 Max
  • Sulfur 15ppm Max