Advasol 150


An aromatic hydrocarbon solvent primarily in the C10 to C12 range, dark in color, highly aromatic, Advasol® 150 has a high flash, Kb value over 100 and is suitable for numerous industrial applications. Rich in methylnaphthalenes, this is a unique solvent. 


Advasol® 150 is used as a compressor wash oil, oil field solvent for corrosion inhibitors and for de-emulsifiers, as a paraffin solvent in the oil field, and a carrier solvent for production chemicals.   Effective as a general carrier solvent and as a strong industrial wash oil and solvent, Advasol® 150 can dissolve some deposits that seem insoluble to other aromatic solvents.

Key facts & figures

  • CAS#: 64742-94-5
  • Flash Point 150F Min
  • Aromatic Content 80% Min
  • API Gravity@60F 12.5 Min
  • Cloud Point < 30F (typical)