A Monumental Difference:

  • Specialty chemicals and toll manufacturing
  • Responsive and adaptable to customers’ needs
  • Flexible chemical manufacturing facilities
  • Driven by quality and guided by Operational Excellence
  • Extensive applied technical expertise
  • Collaborative, cooperative, and focused

Monument Chemical: Expanding Your Possibilities

Monument Chemical is all about possibilities - for our customers, for our business and for the specialty chemical industry.


We want to expand the possibilities. And to do that, we strive to do things a little differently.


  • Although we’re a large company, with plants in the United States and Europe, in order to provide the speed, quality and customer focus our clients deserve, we act with a family-owned business approach. That means putting you first — taking a personal interest in your needs and expectations — to find the best solution for you.
  • We want to expand the possibilities of our people and our plants, so we approach the business with an eye toward flexibility and continual development. We equip our chemical manufacturing facilities to be quickly reconfigurable to meet changing needs. We invest in development and manufacturing technical expertise. And we emphasize Operational Excellence — the continual improvement of our manufacturing and business processes.
  • We don’t believe being experts means having all the answers. It means being able to combine our technical expertise with our clients’ knowledge to solve problems by working together. We think this collaborative approach results in better outcomes all around.

We do things differently here, and we hope that difference shows through in what we help our customers accomplish. Because if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.


At Monument Chemical, we intend to leave our mark on the world not just with the chemicals we manufacture, but with what we help make possible for our customers.


What can Monument Chemical make possible for you?